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Say goodbye to out-of-date Photoshop files by creating social media mockups in your browser. Mockupduck will assuage all of the global users with excellent features.

No Prior Design Experience Is Required

Don’t squander your time downloading out-of-date Photoshop templates. Create mockups with our simple, user-friendly interface and watch them come to life with our real-time preview.

Customise With Ease

More than just photos should be included. It allows you to customize your name, bio, story ring, number of followers, and much more, all with full emoji support.

Bring Your Mockups To Life

Mockupduck will generate pixel-perfect resized images of your profile photos, cover photos, and other images for you to upload to your live pages.

For Your Eyes Only

To keep your content private and secure, it employs advanced security measures such as two-factor authentication. Your mockups are only accessible to you.


Campaigns allow you to easily organise and manage your mockups by client, project, or promotion. Tags can also be used to label your mockups.

One Upload – Infinite Mockups

Forget about repeatedly uploading your assets. Upload once, and they’ll be ready to use in any mockup – all from your Assets page.

New Templates Have Been Added!

New mockup templates are regularly added to our library. Sign up to receive emails with each new release, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Can I use Mockupduck on my mobile device?

Yes! Mockupduck has been designed to give you the same great experience and features whether you’re using a mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Is it necessary to download an app in order to use Mockupduck?

No, there is no need to download anything in order to use Mockupduck. Sign in to use Mockupduck on any device in your browser.

Final Words -Begin Using Mockupduck Right Away

Join thousands of other social media marketers who use Mockupduck to preview, test, and approve their social media content.




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Final Thoughts

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