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uSnap is a photography and video solution for real estate agents, property owners, holiday rentals, or short-term accommodation photos. Developed by U SNAP PTY LTD, this app is designed to give users creative control over the image capturing process while allowing seamless access to a professional photo-editing design team.

Key Features of uSnap

uSnap’s uses a hassle-free automated image capturing formula, much like a professional photographer would. The captured photos are then edited buy a highly trained editing team and delivered right back to you, ready for your marketing. The app allows you to control the entire property photo and video capturing process. Rent, sell or Airbnb your property faster with professional property photos without the hassle or large cost, direct from your smartphone. All you need is your phone, uSnap and your creativity.

Why uSnap?

uSnap offers quality, reliable, and fast professional grade marketing photos without the hassle of engaging a photographer. It has user roles for management and staff accounts. It will create professional quality images in 6-24 hours and takes the hassle out of professional photography. It also empowers your own creativity and is cost-saving. The app is tech-friendly with ongoing development and features, and it has cloud-based storage. Plus, it offers 24/7 customer service and free basic declutter.


uSnap features direct access to retouching team, admin and staff logins, campaign management, style matching, customised image capturing formula, cloud storage, and more. It specializes in portraits, property photos and videos, real estate photography, property videos, day images, dusk images, day to dusk conversions, minor and major room declutter, property floor plans, holiday rental property photography, property management photography, sales listing photography, and Airbnb photography.

Final Thoughts

uSnap is a great photography and video solution for those looking for professional grade images without the hassle or large cost. The app offers quality, reliable, and fast images and videos, and it also has a variety of features and tools that make it even easier to use. Whether you’re a real estate agent, property owner, or holiday rental, uSnap is the perfect app to take charge of your professional photography.